Project's expected benefits.

An ARMO System computes results of any supported ARMO Programme wihout human participation and provides traceability of those results. So, every System is a trusted middle-bot for a respective Programme's participants and any System is able to run a wide-range Programme, e.g. at the scope of national economy.

For businesses and non-profit entities participation in a Programme may provide some of the following benefits:

The last point features a parallel money with low maintenance cost and energy consumption. Any such money may be utilized as an auxiliary tool in an economy.

Some examples of possible ARMO Programmes are presented here.

And finally, some potential benefits for an entity running ARMOLAND. Let's assume that businesses in one or more countries got intention to participate in one or more Programmes. A small service fee (e.g. $1 per week or $50 per year for a participant) may be charged for digital certificate (a ticket to ARMOLAND), support, maintenance, and upgrades. Having one million participants (quite optimistic yet possible prospect) would result in $50M annual revenue and be beneficial for all the parties involved.